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'I wish I’d pushed them off the stage': Model furious after topless protesters 'ruin' Paris fashion show

The biggest shock of Paris’s spring-summer 2014 fashion shows came on the otherwise calm and gentle Nina Ricci catwalk, when two topless activists from protest group Femen crashed the podium.

Grabbing a startled model making her way down the catwalk, they screamed “fashion fascism,” with words decrying the sexualization of the modeling industry written in make-up. One had “Fashion dictaterror” scrawled on her naked torso, the other “Model don’t go to brothel.”

One British model, Liverpool-born Hollie-May Saker, was caught in the middle, with the protesters brushing against her lamé-and-lace skirt.

“The next thing I just see half-naked women with black marker pen scrawled across their bare chests and that’s when she came at me….As she grabbed my arm she lifted my skirt exposing me – I pulled my arm back with such force that I landed a punch square on her nose,” Saker told the Echo. (Photo: AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)

So, to fight back against the sexualization of the modeling industry, these women assaulted a model and forcibly exposed her?

Protip: You’re not fighting a patriarchal system by assaulting women and exposing them against their will.

I have literally never heard of a positive thing done by Femen.  Seriously.  They need to stop.  First the blatant Islamophobia, and now this?  Really?

If your idea of feminism includes racist bullshit and attacking women who don’t conform to your exact image of a feminist, guess what?  You’re a complete asshole and you’re misrepresenting feminism as a whole.

I *hate* Femen. Literally they are the reason feminism is viewed in a bad light. They’re the West Borough Baptist of feminism and I can’t stand it.

Ugh ugh ugh ugh. The fashion industry is absolutely plagued with shit  but the models themselves are not the problem.  Those women are professionals just trying to do their jobs.  Jobs that they are often (shockingly) underpaid and under-protected for.  The last thing they need to worry about are women seemingly ‘supporting’ them against sexualization by physically exposing them.  Not only that, but Nina Ricci is hardly a designer who is exploiting women’s sexuality.  Your idea of feminism is detracting from a woman’s art and livelihood by showboating?  Femen can just go away.

Women attacking women for the sake of women.

Well done.


they did it because they’re leader (a man) told them to which makes it even worse.

F U C K  F E M E N

Faith restored in humanity (only a little bit) thanks to these comments ^^^^ 

this sort of “feminism” is ridiculous and quite frankly, disgusting.


I just want people to come cuddle and watch animated movies with me while we make bracelets and eat cupcakes!







what im saying is that bisexuals, pansexual, and asexuals should all join together so we can be in the fictitious trifecta. enough people will say we’re not real and we’ll all converge together in a massive, fierce mass only spoken of in myth.  dont come near us or you too will cease to exist


can we include aromantics?


triforce of fabulousness


There we go, a shield to protect against the negativity


me on my way to fuck shit up


Do any of you guys realize that when we die our mark on the world matters. Now do you want to leave a positive effect or just be a consumer? Instead of a producer of change?


Tfw your 8th grade science teacher harasses you for not taking AP bio

Raise the consciousness

My first question is what does this mean?
Well it means to not be ignorant or turn a blind eye to what is happening. Not just in the local sense but the worldly sense. We as a human race have not put the ethical priorities first. We and our ancestors have put materialism and selfishness before peace and preservation. It’s the idea, more for me. Instead of less for him. A human being is labeled a CONSUMER this term while true makes us think, what do we produce? Well we produce infrastructure but as well as pollution. I highly advise listening to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ by Al Gore.
Our life may be short in the span of time but what we do can test time. Now do you want to continue the selfish cycle of more for me. Or by making change and throwing away OLD ways of thinking for the improvement of our earth and society. We cannot change someone’s way of thinking but we can raise the consciousness. Ignorance may be blissful but I would rather be stressed and MAKING CHANGE. Than blissfully ignorant and not make change.
This starts with the belief that we can make change. This is a thought made in complete confidence in ones self. In ones beliefs as well as a passion and drive. Leaving the greedy and simple minded thinking in the past. And moving forward with educating LEADERS who want to make change for the better good. Not for their own fame, fortune, or agenda. But for the agenda that must be followed to change how we treat each other as well as, and most importantly the planet that we live on.
So now do you want to contribute to a path of destruction or be a PRODUCER of good?
Only you can answer that question.
Educate, evaluate, make it happen.

Lindsey Genzer

Do any of you guys realize that when we die our mark on the world matters. Now do you want to leave a positive effect or just be a consumer? Instead of a producer of change?


*ends every piece of advice with “idk though” so that its not my fault if i ruin ur life*



I thought this was so nice